Video Services

Video when it pertains to online advertising has become a vital part of delivering better quality buyers to your business. Put yourself into the clients role for a minute.  You notice an ad that speaks to you and you  click on a text ad on Google, or a banner ad on some website.  You get to a site and start reading away.  But then you notice a video link.  Chances are you are going to stop reading and then start watching.  Now think about television advertising.  Those commercials are annoying unless you are in the market for what ever product that advertising is pedaling.

If you combine a ready to buy customer with a television commercial you have combined the power of sight, sound, and motion with someone who wants to buy now.  This leads to a better more qualified buyer picking up the phone to talk about your goods and services.  There is a statistic out there that has been used for the past 5 years or so when talking about online video and we think it is still valid today.  52% of people who see an online video will take some sort of action after they visit a website then if they hadn’t looked at the video.

That says it all…

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