Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising Overview

Pay Per Click Advertising is one of the most effective ways in today’s quickly changing advertising landscape to drive READY to BUY customers (like the old yellow pages) to your website.  We like to define PPC as a directive form of advertising.  The key here is that the customer has given permission to be marketed to by simply typing in what they are looking for in the Google search bar.

The are a few variables to consider when investing in PPC.

1.  Make sure your website is easy to use.

2.  Try and avoid investing in a Flash based website (this is because of all of the web traffic quickly going mobile and or a tablet.)

3.  A good Llanding page on your site which adheres to the 3 C’s rule.

a.  Call to Action on the landing page of your site that is above the fold

b.  Clear idea of what your company does.

c.  A contact phone number above the fold to the right that does not contain a vanity phone number

These rules will effect what is called a bounce rate.  That is when some one goes to your site from an ad written on Google and then bounces without calling your business.

The Caruso Red Difference:

Many of the Search Engine Marketing companies out there want you to sign an annual, six month, or 3 month contracts.  We do not.  PPC is not for everyone so why tie up your precious advertising budget if the campaign does not work.  Most of the PPC companies are trying to tie your companies budget up so they can count on that wonderful revenue coming in every month.  The yellow pages built an industry built an entire business on that principle.   We let you test the waters and see some tangible results which stays true to our goal on only recommending forms of advertising that work with no long term commitment.

If you want to continue PPC,  the benefits will be that we can analyze the data and then move your budget and focus on the keywords that perform at a higher percentage then some that are under performing.

How Caruso Red Makes Their Money

Caruso Red will manage your Pay Per Click Advertising campaign for you.  We charge a Flat Fee of 25% of your monthly budget. Our goal is for your budget to drive traffic to your site not just spend your budget. That is why we do not waste your budget on low performing key words.

Another trick out there is that Search Engine Marketing companies will claim that they optimize your campaign but what they don’t tell you is that they bid up and bid down certain keywords which manipulate the cost of each key word.  They will not share what the key word is costing them or you.  The end result is your budget stays the same.  But and this is the important part, these companies then increase THEIR margin on these keywords.

Example: Keyword cost in Month One:  $2.50

Keyword cost in Month Two: $1.00

That company increased their profit on that one keyword by $1.50.  Now multiply that by 100 keywords per month then per year.  Thousands of dollars of increased margins into that companies pocket. They will call this Conversion Based Optimization.  If you as a small business hear this phase uttered by a sales person RUN.

We just charge a flat management fee with no long term contracts.

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