Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising can be a great way to promote your business.  Think of these banners as an online billboard.  But remember this is a creative form of advertising.  The person viewing this banner has not given their permission to be marketed to.  So the graphics, headline or something within that banner has to stimulate something inside of them to generate a click.  Therefore the offer, brand, or graphics must speak to that person.  The click thru ratio to your site will be much lower then PPC so the key here is to buy it cheap and buy a lot of impressions.

When using banner advertising keep in mind the  national average for a click to your website is .005%.  An example would be if you decide to run 200,000 banners on different websites you will experience approximately100 clicks to your website that month.  So even though these buyers are really at the top of the buying funnel, this is a great way to build awareness of your brand in the market place.

Caruso Red does have a product however that can put your banners on sites related to buyers that would be in the market for your goods and services based on their websites they visits.

Example:  Your company sells cars.  We can put a banner with a video imbedded within the creative of the banner on websites that have people shopping for cars.  This is a much more effective banner because it does bring in a video component along with people that are further down the buying funnel or maybe closer to making a buying decision.

We again only charge a flat management fee of 25% plus a $500 one time setup fee.  NO annual or more then a monthly commitment is required when working with Caruso Red.

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